2 blog or not 2 blog?

LoveNotes-What the World needs now is Love!!Welcome to my new blog. Guess that answers the question posed in the title. I am opting to blog.

This is a new blog because unexpected circumstances allowed my other blog to disappear. I was upset about this at first. But surprisingly quickly, I started feeling a bit relieved. Like whatever issues I might have felt motivated to exam and write about had somehow been swept away.

A dear friend attended a seminar recently. She excitedly shared with me some of what she had learned. One phrase she used resonated with me… and yet I still am not sure of the exact words. I’m assuming that means while I think it’s an interesting concept, I must have some reservations about exploring it. The phrase was something like, “gut your life.” The meaning was that we need to look at our lives and sweep away anything that’s not helping us move towards our dreams. The examples she gave me were– clean out the thousands of old emails that we cling to.  Especially those emails from old relationships or from people who are negative forces to us. More “gutting” included getting rid of clutter in our offices, on our computer desktops, in our homes.

For those of you who know me, you know this is my current challenge. So step 1 seems to be that the “clutter” in my blog got cleared away. I’ll try to keep the momentum going.

have fun!

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