Art shows are tough… can’t wait for the next one?


musicliveI just did a show at the Canton Blues Fest. It was hot, hard work, long hours, tough on the artwork and sales were light. Not a pretty picture, perhaps.

But now, after I just unloaded the last box of gear from the car and am sitting down enjoying the A/C… I’m beginning to savor those sweet moments from the past 2 days.

This was a music crowd and music is certainly art, so I found the crowd engaging, interesting and so ready to offer feedback. Often when we have a crowd at the gallery on First Friday, generally, they are a “party” crowd. They’re interested in art but drawn by the energy of the crowd/party. They breeze through my gallery, often trying to avoid making eye contact with me.

The Blues crowd was totally different. They were energized and even inspired by the music and the musicians. It’s like the music opened something up in them. So when they walked into my booth to see my work, they were already receptive and interested. I had taken paintings and prints of musicians and of local landmarks. People asked about my techniques. They questioned whether the print or the painting came first. They guessed the subjects identities. The complimented the emotion in my work, or wanted to talk about how they connected with the body of work or with an individual piece. They asked for my card. They were excited that I had a local gallery.

I think I learned more about my work, my motivations in creating it than I ever have, just by answering questions. And I got such a great dose of enjoying how the work affects others.

So… yes, I’m thinking I might be ready again to do another show. But maybe in the fall, when it’s cooler?

Peace, love and light,


Image- Music Live by me,

2 thoughts on “Art shows are tough… can’t wait for the next one?

  1. That kind of interaction is what artists need. Well, let me restate that. I believe people need art, even if they don’t know it. The kind of engaging you had with the crowd is what everyone needs! The music, the art, the interaction and enjoying people being creative is so important to all of us. Not everyone likes every style of music or art but everyone needs that stimulation I believe to thrive. Good for you for being out there and doing that! People will remember and seek you out. 🙂


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