The next chapter

Thanks to Matt Moser for this beautiful shot of the gallery as we opened in 2013




I turned in my keys, watched the landlord lock the door and walked away from what used to be Journey Art Gallery.

I’m so excited!!!!

Many people have voiced their support and congratulations on a job well done. I so appreciate all that.
Many people have said they’re sad. Really? I’m not.

The best times in my life are times of change. Knowing that all the options are open… all paths can be explored… I’m free to choose again.
I love this feeling.
I understand that not everyone does.

I cherish the many times in my life that I’ve cut ties, packed boxes and otherwise wandered off to new adventures in my life. I’m sure this is part of why I’ve been single and self-employed most of my life. I love the freedom. I can choose to do or be whatever I want without having to temper my enthusiasm because of an unenthusiastic partner. My family and dearest friends know me and in loving me, they understand loving all of me. My dearest sister told me recently, when I was discussing the possibility of moving back out west with her, “Why not leave now?!” It’s not that she wants rid of me… she just knows that I’m happiest when I’m wandering, changing, moving, evolving. She’s so wonderful that way.

When I’m in a place like this in life, I have the freedom to look at myself and all aspects of my life and analyze… “Am I happy?”  Am I happy with Ohio, with the house I live in, with the way I make money, with my art. Now that I can change most anything… what needs changed?

And yes, I’m a “free spirit” (as people often say to me) but even if you live a more conventional life… I challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I happy?”  Even with husband, kids and a mortgage, you still owe it to yourself to look at your life. With out cutting ties and shaking up your world, there are always little changes that can be made. These little changes can make all the difference. For example, have you always wanted to…
paint… write… walk more… play with photography…try yoga… or public speaking… go back to school… volunteer… make things… sell things… start a business… meet new people… learn a new language… travel…
and the list can go on and on.

The dreams we carry in our heart of hearts are likely dreams that have been with us our whole lives. I’ve often thought, “I came this way.” What dreams have you carried your whole life? I think those dreams are an important part of why you are here. Don’t deny that small voice inside that says, “But I really want to ____.”  You can learn new things and have new experiences without making massive changes in your world. But in following or honoring your dreams, you are honoring your true self.

Why would we all not do that?

Why would you have been given this dream, drive, attraction if not that it will serve some purpose in life… in your life and for the world. What if your little talent, dream, love is just what the world needs now to change, evolve or even just become a bit brighter and more loving?

I know you’re busy. But the time you can devote to this dream of yours might energize you in new ways. Exploring your little dream can make you happier without taking anything away from your other roles in life. And while you may not see the end result… it might be an important part of why you’re here.

I don’t know why I do the things I do. But I know in my bones that this is how I’m supposed to be. Whether it’s art, fashion, gardening, music, travel or Saturday morning yoga… doing the things I’m called to is what I must do. It’s my role in this crazy world. I don’t know why. But I know it’s important to be me… really be me… as no one else can.

Go be you… the real you… and the world will be a lovelier place for your presence.

much light and love



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