I’ve got better things to do…

focusonwhatuwantI encourage you to not let current news lull you into a habit of predicting doom and gloom. Whatever you spend your time thinking about (worrying about) is time spent creating real, measureable energy. This energy surrounds you and is your contribution to the world.


It can be hard with the media bombarding you with “important news” that might be frightening. But, try to make a new habit with me of visualizing the best, predicting that things will somehow work out. No, you do not need to know exactly how that can happen. 😉

This action of keeping your eye on a better future surrounds you with positive energy and becomes your contribution to a world which badly needs your help. It may seem as if we’re just escaping from reality but a little escape isn’t all bad. The respite allows you to create a better situation in your immediate surroundings and to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and strong.


The world has been thru horrific crises and come thru the other side changed. We learn, we grow, we realize and we evolve. Whatever this new president brings, we will survive it. (And I can hear some of you saying, “Yes but my insurance, my retirement, my ____.” Yes, I know. But you must choose to believe.) We will come out the other side of our current situation more aware and more committed to a better world. But if you surround yourself with the dark, suffocating shroud of “the end is near, the end is here,” your corner of the world gets darker, more hopeless which can wrap your soul and spirit in weakness and fear. Don’t do that to yourself! The world needs your positive energy and vision for the future now more than ever.


Four years will pass. I intend to survive and thrive in spite of what may be going on in our country’s leadership. I can make positive differences every day in my life and the lives of those who cross my path by staying aware, awake and positive. If all I have to greet you with is, “Did you read the news… Oh NO!” then all I’m doing is pulling you and me down. I refuse to fall victim to that negativity.


We can help one another be strong, be inspired, be productive and fruitful right now, regardless of the news headlines. I hope you’ll join me. I know some days it’s tough. But I plan to rise during the next 4 years… and I hope you will too.


much love and peace, s

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