And now…

I’m back… from a month in Eden away from work and cold and everyone that I know and love.


Hmmm… I suppose if the trip had gone as I expected, then I’d be lining up shows and taking bows but life just doesn’t work that way. It’s not that I didn’t have a wonderful trip… it just didn’t meet my expectations, at all. My art, my ways of filling my days, my nearness to amusement… none of that was working. However what did work was that I was in the loveliest country ever, with the kindest people, with all my needs met. Needs you see, are quite different from expectations and the lesson came in the learning about those differences.

So I came home with little art. I ate healthy food of my own cooking. I walked. I marveled at the beauty… the flowers, the birds, the people. I suppose the biggest lesson came in learning how to say YES when the only thing to do next was read a thought provoking book with my feet in the sunshine…. or lying across the bed… or sitting by a waterfall. I know those things sound lovely, but I’m a do-er… and achiever and I didn’t realize how hard-wired I am to accomplishment.

And now I’m back.

It’s okay. I’m lucky that I have my business as a bodyworker/massage therapist and those dear clients were on my calendar, in a way saying, “Let’s get on with it.” And I love that work so they all eased me back into Ohio in February. I’m so grateful that I have skills to help people I have come to care about greatly to feel and move better.

I also am lucky that somewhere during January, I messaged Melissa at Arrowhead and asked if she might have space for me at the Funky Valentine Downtown Canton Flea. She did… bless her sweet heart. So I came home with a show in 10 days. That show is tomorrow. I’ve dug out paintings, made signs, packaging up little goodies, built a nice 6 ft display and otherwise managed a bit of accomplishment.

But there’s still a big streak in me that says…”Can we sit in the sun and read now?”

Life goes on in her lovely way. We can wander along with her… or not. I choose to know that the road ahead will be lovely and interesting. I know the news is scary. I try to do what I know I can (send one more letter to my congressman) then I have to save the rest of my energy for visualizing that life will be fine, I will be fine, my world will be fine.

It’s good to be home… mostly. ❤


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