I will walk far enough

It's a late fall day, a cloudy Ohio day. My walk in the park for exercise turned into a wander. The mist began and a quiet settled in. My awareness of the birds was replaced by the company of squirrels. So many squirrels that I could hear the one up on haunches beside the trail … Continue reading I will walk far enough


What are we doing here?

These are my notes from leading group meditation today. I realize that it might serve as a good reminder to those who attended or just a nice synopsis of Meditation 101 in my experience. Enjoy! It's fun to teach meditation in my own community. In years gone by, I used to teach at conferences or … Continue reading What are we doing here?

What is the opposite of “political?”

I have vowed lately to myself to not post, discuss or even worry about political issues right now. This morning I thought about the definition of the word, political, in order to better define what might be exactly opposite. Google tells me that political is defined as "relating to the government or the public affairs of a country." Then perhaps the exact opposite is the things that are private and personal.

I’ve got better things to do…

I encourage you to not let current news lull you into a habit of predicting doom and gloom. Whatever you spend your time thinking about (worrying about) is time spent creating real, measureable energy. This energy surrounds you and is your contribution to the world.   It can be hard with the media bombarding you … Continue reading I’ve got better things to do…